Terms & Conditions
If your organisation wishes to use CATERMAN:-
•You must be an employee or officer of the organisation, and be ultimately responsible for control of your CATERMAN account. You will be given the master password and therefore all CATERMAN operations on the account will be at your discretion.
•CATERMAN is provided on a per-user-per-month basis, and costs £100 (UK, excluding VAT) or $125 US Dollar or €120 Euro (excluding VAT) per concurrent power user per month payable in advance. Non-power users (password level zero, e.g. catering account holders) are not charged, and there is no restriction on numbers on-line at any time dependent on server capacity etc. Initial account set-up is by payment via PAYPAL of £10/$10/€15 for 10 hours use shared by a maximum of three simultaneous users over a three month trial period, during which the account may be converted to a standard account.
•There will be no increase in prices once an account is open.
•If you must have your own dedicated server, these are available at mutually acceptable server farms starting at £6000/$7500/€7000 per annum. An option is available for a VPN connection, but as CATERMAN runs over SSL direct from a browser anyway (same as on-line banking but with additional security) this is unnecessary.
•In-house servers based on IBM x/p/i/zSeries machines are available subject to quotation.