CATERMAN is usually provided as an internet-delivered service via a standard PC with a browser.

Although broadband connection to the internet is preferred, CATERMAN will run adequately on dial-up connection provided no large graphics are used.

However, any EPOS operation requires broadband, although even a slow broadband connection will power at least three EPOS terminals.

Unless you have your own dedicated server, or "Cloud" Service, CATERMAN is delivered to you by one or more of our servers situated in an "Internet Hotel" or Server Farm.

Until you are a bona-fide CATERMAN customer, for example if you are simply trying CATERMAN, service may be unobtainable or patchy at certain times as the server is in the public domain and occasionally enjoys the attention of large numbers of "users" from certain countries, many of whom are attemtping to create CATERMAN clones - you will find our designs widely copied by our competitors.

If you intend to have more than a few users, please contact us by email.