System Requirements
If you wish to try the system, you will require a PC with a browser, and an internet connection. For full-scale multi-user trials, please contact us.

For most clients, the CATERMAN service provided over the internet is more than adequate, and does not require the client to support anything more than a PC/browser with internet connection for each user. If a dedicated system is preferred, a server located at a reputable internet server farm or "hotel" is available for £1000/$1000/€1500 per annum supporting up to 40 concurrent power users, excluding CATERMAN charges.
There is no charge for non-power users.
The standard system can support several thousand users, a user being defined as someone who has a degree of operational control over the system, i.e. has a security level greater than zero. Cashless catering account holders and similar are not included, and there may be very many of them logged on at any time limited only by the capacity of the server and its internet connection bandwidth. The number of users is the maximum number of power users that can be logged on to the system at any one time. In a 40-user system at any time there may be up to 40 power users (with security levels greater than zero) logged on plus several hundred non-power users (with security level zero).

The design is four-tier based on a standard browser/PC combination providing the GUI for each user (tier 1), connected over the internet to one of any number of web servers (tier 2). Each web server is supported by one or more of any number of application servers (tier 3) each of which uses one or more data servers (tier 4). Ultimately, the actual data may be segmented by table and spread over several servers each of which might be the largest possible current LINUX machine and each of which may be mirrored.

In-house installations (i.e. where the client owns or leases the computer(s) running CATERMAN) can start with a single powerful PC supporting upto 100 users. The number of users can be increased incrementally by adding further PCs.

For clients requiring larger user numbers initially, CATERMAN runs on most LINUX machines including IBM xSeries for typically 250 users, IBM pSeries or iSeries for 500 to several thousand users depending on user mix, or IBM zSeries for thousands of users (or a virtual machine on any of these).

Users who prefer to deal directly with IBM for "Caterman in the Cloud" will find pricing information at:-
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N.B. Minimum specifications must include “Red Hat Linux” Operating System, remote root access and FTP facility. System back-up is recommended. The pricing does not include Caterman nor Domain Direction to the static IP address.